Leveling settled concrete with foam is often done through a process known as polyurethane foam injection or foam jacking. This method offers several advantages:


Foam leveling is generally more cost-effective than traditional methods like concrete replacement. It requires fewer resources, less labor, and can be completed quickly, reducing overall costs.

Minimal Disruption

Foam leveling is a non-invasive process that minimizes disruption to the surrounding area. Unlike traditional methods that may involve removing and replacing concrete, foam injection requires smaller access holes and causes less disturbance to the landscape.

Quick Installation

The foam injection process is relatively quick. Once the foam is injected, it expands to fill voids and lifts the settled concrete, providing immediate results. This can be especially beneficial for projects with tight timelines.

Lightweight Material

Polyurethane foam is lightweight, which means it exerts less pressure on the underlying soil. This reduces the likelihood of further settlement and makes it a suitable solution for areas with weaker or unstable soil.


Some foam leveling materials have waterproofing properties. This can be advantageous in preventing future settlement issues caused by water infiltration, as the foam helps create a barrier against moisture.


Polyurethane foam not only lifts and levels the concrete but also stabilizes the underlying soil. This stabilization can help prevent future settlement issues and improve the overall durability of the structure.


Foam leveling can be used for a variety of concrete surfaces, including sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and even interior slabs. Its versatility makes it a practical solution for different applications.


Foam injection allows for precise control over the lifting process. Contractors can monitor and adjust the injection to achieve the desired level of elevation with accuracy.


While foam leveling offers these advantages, it’s essential to consider the specific conditions of the project and consult with a professional to determine the most suitable solution for your needs.